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About Us

Our mission at High Tempo Hockey is to provide elite level instruction aimed at skill development and tactical strategies while maintaining a fun competitive environment. Vinny and Mike have a combined 40 plus years experience, coaching some of Long Island’s top hockey players that have reached the professional and collegiate levels. They both look to share their knowledge and experience with the next wave of young players, helping them reach their highest potential. 

High Tempo Hockey skill training will enhance the performance and enjoyment of ice hockey for each player, while also developing lifetime skills of goal setting, commitment, self-discipline, determination, teamwork and sportsmanship. 

With Decades of experience, impressive credentials, an incredible list of players trained, HTH's coaches have what it takes to bring every hockey player to their maximum potential!

What some hockey players say about us 

"Training with coach Brdey allowed me to grow my game to heights I never thought it could.  I notice how the skills we were taught translate directly into game situations and have benefited me tremendously.”

Logan Renkowski

USHL - Cedar Rapids

Harvard Commit


“Skating with Mike growing up helped me learn some of the most valuable skills in the game. The drills were perfect to make every situation game-like and realistic. My puck handling skills were able to evolve just by skating with Mike weekly.”

Ryan Fine 


Harvard Commit 

“I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by coaches Vinny Messina and Mike Brdey. They took their time to make my youth hockey experience enjoyable and vital to the hockey player and person I am today. They dedicated their lives to teaching me the game of hockey with hands-on learning. I appreciate everything both coaches have done for me.”

Joe Sciabarra

NCDC Ct Rangers

Kent Prep Alum 

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